Thursday, July 12, 2007

way to go, General Mills

There was an article in the Minneapolis Strib today about General Mills donating a 19-acre nature preserve to the city of Golden Valley. Golden Valley is a first ring suburb of Minneapolis. The article talked about how rare it is for first ring burbs to receive gifts of protected land. The land was donated through the Minnesota Land Trust and will be protected forever from development. Way to go, General Mills!! Wouldn't it be lovely if other corporations headquartered in the Twin Cities followed suit!

An interesting tidbit: when General Mills moved their headquarters from downtown out to Golden Valley in 1958, they gave their staff a shorter workday to make up for the "huge commute." Today, you can get from General Mills to downtown in about 10 minutes! How times change.

General Mills has a beautiful campus - lots of green space, walking paths, cool sculptures, and gardens. The next time I'm enjoying one of their many products, I'm going to offer a little thank you to them for being good neighbors.


Zoey said...

That was a nice thing for GM to do!
I really like the liatris pic with the coneflowers through the gate.

Your daylilies are all looking good. I am still waiting for most of mine.

kris said...

Thanks Zoey!