Monday, May 28, 2007

bring on summer

What a great weekend. Hope everyone else had a good one too.

I finished all the containers I'm going to do - I'll do a post on them, but right now they all look pretty pathetic, so we'll give them a couple days!

My neighbor gave me a gorgeous purple fountain grass for my birthday. I still need to put it somewhere, but otherwise, all annuals are present and accounted for. (That's me breathing a sigh of relief!)

Pretty much just hung out here - working in the garden - reading - enjoying the nice weather. Sunday my niece, Becca, graduated from high school, so I went down to my brother's for the afternoon and hung out with my family - very fun. My nephew Tom said he thought it would be cool to see his name in my blog - so Hey, Tom! (Now I'd better see something in the comment section if you read this!!)

Lots of stuff is blooming - so here are a ton of photos:

This and top photo are Marie Bugnet - nice scent

Solomon's Seal - almost ready to pop into bloom
Frau Dagmar Hartopp
Frau Dagmar Hartopp - bud - had to get this little bee on the post!
"Kansas" peony
An iris I posted a couple days ago - they're all pretty much open now
Caesar's Brother - I love how dark this is - and also very tall
A clump of Caesar's Bro
Belle Poitevine - so fragrant - kind of spicy scent
Magnifica - also very fragrant
Today's photo of Therese Bugnet!!!!
Mine is 3 1/2 feet tall - and about 3 feet wide right now
Jens Munk
My species rose - very fragrant
Species rose again - look at all these blooms and buds!
A new clematis open on the gazebo - "Marie Boisselot" - it's actually a pure white - and huge.
And this is my Lady's Mantle and Coral Bells - I love these two together.


Laurie & Chris said...

Wow you have a lot blooming. i haven't planted one thing this year:( I am still so upset about my corner garden and all the plants I lost I just can't get into it this year:(

kris said...

That is a bummer - about 3 years ago we had to replace a retaining wall that fell into our neighbor's yard (not good!), and I had to dig out a bunch of things - which mostly croaked - and I lost a bunch more because I didn't get them moved. It is depressing! And you guys have a lot going on with the kitchen and all. But you have some good friends in blogland, and you can enjoy their gardens until you feel like working on yours again! I love when you stop by here!

Lynne said...

Those are beautiful! Wish I had your green thumb (and your house by the lake!).

Patti said...

Hey there! Great to see you Sunday!!! What a nice day!

Tell me about Solomon's Seal - could these be the plants I was trying to describe to you that was "flowing" down my hillside? Does this flower then end up w/berry looking fruit? (Don't tell anyone what a horticulturist I am NOT!) I will have to see if I can't get a good pic of it this spring and show you.

kris said...

Thanks Lynne - I do love playing in the dirt! And we totally love living on the lake - we were lucky to get into this house before prices became obscenely expensive. People stand with their mouth open when they hear how little we paid in 1980 - of course, it seemed like a ton of money to us back then!!

Patti - Solomon's Seal could definitely be on your hillside. It gets tiny little flowers on the underside of the leaf (like you see in this photo - only open a little more than these) and in the late summer/fall it gets dark purple berries. It will grow in either shade or sun in my experience, but it's usually thought of as a woodland, shade plant. False Solomon's Seal is very similar except it gets a fluffy cream colored bloom out from the top of the leaf juncture and red berries in the fall. (See the May 19 post) I think you quite often see them growing together. They're both fairly tall - I love how they seem to be very elegant and waving in the breeze - and they spread like crazy.
It was great to see you too - have fun next weekend looking for THE dress - give my love to Jess!