Tuesday, May 29, 2007

tomato blossoms

"Carefree Beauty"
Today flew by: French class this morning. I was going to quit for the summer, but when we figured out how few weeks we would actually all be in town, decided to keep going. Nadine is going to France to visit her family for 3 months in September - lucky, lucky!!
Single, Anemone, Japanese peony
After class, I started digging out grass: in front of the fairy and around the rust urn by the dock. The urn space is going to need lots more work, but I dug up and divided a bunch of variegated hosta and planted them in front of the fairy. I think it looks good - and if not, I'll just put something else there next year. I have caladium to plant between the hosta since they won't be very full this year.
J.F.Quadra climbing rose
Now Mark is throwing dinner on the grill - and we'll have to hope it cooks fast because we have thunder and very black skies out there! Even though we've had pretty good rains, we can always use more. And then maybe it will be nice tomorrow and I can get more done outside.
Tall bearded iris
So I plan to spend the evening with a good book. Oh, oh - it just started raining, and I'm pretty sure the burgers aren't done yet. Guess that's why they put lids on grills! And why husbands are water-proof!
Tomato blossoms!!
And this is my favorite photo today - tomato blossoms!!!! Yippee!


the second-time-arounders said...

Thanks again for the anniversary greetings! We went to a favorite restaurant for supper - Jasper's - for good german food! Yum! We are all packed and ready to go camping at Lanesboro tomorrow for their Rhubarb Festival and attend the Garrison Keillor show on Friday.

Trailhead said...


I arrived home late last night to fully bloomed roses when there were none when I left a week ago. That was a nice homecoming.

Laurie & Chris said...

Your roses are sooo pretty! Thank you for sharing them. You have gotten some gtreat photos of all of your blooms!!:) Hope your hubby didn't get to wet.

kris said...

hi second-time-arounders - I'm so glad you had such a nice anniversary. The Garrison Keillor show sounds like fun - I can only imagine the great time he'll have with the rhubarb festival!!!

Welcome home, trailhead! Can't wait to hear about your Montana time. How fun to have roses awaiting your return home - post some photos!

Hey Laurie & Chris - thank you! Mark survived the grilling - just a few sprinkles. Now, however, we are getting a lovely rain - good for my gardens! (And good sleeping - I love the sound of rain hitting the roof.)

Zoey said...

I hope that rain makes its way one state over!

I am waiting for my peonies to bloom any day now. I wish I had a pink one. I see a new one is going to bloom this year. Maybe it will be pink. I say, "new" but I planted it 20 years ago. It's never bloomed before.

Tracy said...

All your flowers looks so beautiful, in this post and the previous post. I just started my flower beds in the last few years, and haven't gotten reliable blooms yet. I'm really looking forward to the day when I have as many blooms to photograph as you do! The peonies I planted last year have lots of leaves, but no buds - I hope next year. But, the irises I planted two years ago - which didn't bloom last year - look lovely.

Kitt said...

Hooray for grilling out! The blooms are lovely.

kris said...

Hi Zoey - we ended up not getting much rain last night after all - but looks like a chance again today. I hope some of it makes it your way.
I keep seeing peonies that remind me of ones my mom had in her gardens - and I want those colors! My reds and magentas and pinks aren't exactly the same as I remember. I hope your "new" peony is pink! 20 years is a long time to wait for blooms - you must have waaaay more patience than I do!

Thanks Tracy - it is hard to wait for luscious blooms, isn't it? Kitt commented on an earlier post that there is a general maxim for perennials: first year sleep, second year creep, and third year leap. She's right - I just hate waiting!! Your iris photo was great - I can't wait to see the other plants you have come into bloom.

Hey Kitt - grilling rules! Everything tastes better cooked on a grill. Looks like you had some nasty weather - I hope your peonies survived??