Friday, May 25, 2007

finally made it to the Farmer's Market

Mark and I went to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market this morning. I love going there and usually buy a lot of my annuals and a few perennials, and, of course, some yummy food items each year. We don't go every weekend, but it's fun to go a few times each summer.

I don't know if this sign is true or not - but I guess that's pretty blatant if it isn't!!! It is a big space - and on weekends it is packed with vendors and people. It's excellent for people watching.

Today it wasn't very busy - but with the holiday weekend, tomorrow and Sunday and Monday it will be crazy!

You can buy everything from food items to fresh flowers and bedding plants to garden decorations to t-shirts.

I bought some of my annuals earlier this week at a very fun little nursery in Long Lake - Kelly & Kelly. If you are ever in the Cities and need to buy plants, go to Kelly & Kelly. It's a family run business. If you go later in the summer when the first gardening frenzy has died down, they will actually dig plants out of their display gardens for you to take home. It's one of my favorite nurseries in the Twin Cities area.

Anyway, today I just bought a flat of double impatiens and a flat of petunias - so pretty light day at the Market for me. But it was fun to be there. (And it's fun to surprise Mark once in awhile by getting in and out quickly - keeps him on his toes!!)
P.S. You know I couldn't get a page to look like this if I tried - I have no idea what that one photo and words are doing - but I just spent a ton of time trying to get everything where I wanted it - and I GIVE UP!


Kitt said...

My new place is three blocks from a little Sunday farmers market. They close off one block and have booths lining the street. I'm looking forward to being able to go regularly!

Blogger is not very amenable to more than the most basic formatting unless you break down and teach yourself how to make tables in HTML. With tables, you can force the photos and text to stay in fixed positions relative to each other.

You can find tutorials online, like this one. Tables can be a little tricky to wrap your brain around at first, but they're very handy. (And don't think of HTML as "programming." It's really just a formatting tool, like using "i" for italics and "b" for bold.)

kris said...

When our son lived in Sunnyvale, CA, there was a little farmer's market like that on the weekends. We would walk down and get coffee and a crepe for breakfast - very fun. The crepe maker was from France, so gave me a chance to practice my French when ordering!!

Thanks for the info on HTML - I will have to play around with it. You've been a great blogger mentor - thanks!