Thursday, May 10, 2007

some of today's blooms

I'm going to do three posts this morning, I think. When I went out about 10:30, I thought I probably wouldn't get any photos - bright sun - drat, waited too long. But I actually came up with some fairly good ones. The tulips down by the lake are fabulous and deserve a post of their own! And even though the dogs spend a lot of time in my gardens, they aren't really part of the gardens, so they get their own post today too.My columbine just started blooming. My neighbor has had tons of these blooming for years, and I kept waiting for them to jump over the retaining wall into my garden. Finally, she just gave me a couple - and they're doing great! I have another one down by the lake that the birds must have brought to me. It's in full hot sun and is gorgeous. It hasn't started blooming yet, but probably soon.

My neighbor's bleeding heart is in more sun than mine, and has been blooming away for a couple weeks now - it's gorgeous. Mine is finally stepping up to the plate. I love these old-fashioned blooms. (this photo is clearer than it looks! The second row of hearts kind of makes my eyes go bleary tho)Wild geraniums are so gorgeous when the clumps are covered with tiny blooms - but it's really hard to get a photo that does it justice. So here's my attempt. (Please note the color coordination: dark purple dwarf iris on one side and red-purple tulips on the other. LOL. It's actually very pretty)

This is a new tulip I ordered at the Keukenhof last spring. It's called "Couleur Cardinal." It shows a lot of orange in this photo - but in person it's quite a dark red. I chose it because it reminded me of the bridesmaids' dresses Sara chose for her and Ryan's wedding. I ordered 20 extra and sent them out to Ryan and Sara last fall - along with some white daffs. They decided to put their house up for sale this last winter and so didn't plant them, thinking they would be gone before they bloomed. Now I wish I had them here in my garden! (Family: they sold their house, close on June 7 - AND over the weekend they found a house they love and close on it June 1 - serendipity!)

Here's another pretty red tulip - "Burgundy Lace" - as it ages it becomes darker (which the Couleur Cardinal will probably do too). Very pretty.

And this is a little species tulip that just opened - it's a very pale purple-pink with yellow center. It's sweet. I also have a yellow species that is starting - but I'm saving it for another post because, unlike this one, it will actually have several blooms and will be a prettier photo when they're all open I think.


The Texas Connection said...

Oh, my beautiful Kobe, makes me want to get there even quicker (you were very pretty also, Ms Tess)......the flowers are so pretty, remember the HUGE bleeding heart we had at the end of the flower bed out at the farm? Took a piece of that to town, and had some at every house, believe you got a piece or two of that also, or was it Mary?

I week to go--I said the 15th, Dad said the 18rh, ao aometime between the 15th & 18----have the MotorHome pretty well packed, except for food, Later.

kris said...

I do remember that gorgeous bleeding heart. And I did get a little piece of the one you had in your last house - and it's blooming away right now!

The dogs will be very happy to see you - especially Kobie - you two just have a bond! Someone told me the other day that the dogs seem to getting more mellow - um, yeah, I guess, sometimes...