Tuesday, May 8, 2007

finally a little sun

Okay - pretty much I'm just shooting more photos of the tulips you've already seen - because each day they open more - or the light is perfect - or I just want to see them again and think maybe you do too. So I actually don't have a zillion tulips - it's a camera trick!
The first five photos are all of the same group of tulips. There are some smaller tulips just beginning to bloom behind these taller ones. (Does that sound like good planning or what??)

We got about 1/2 inch of rain last night - in a 15-20 minute cloudburst. We were picking up a couple who lives down the street to go to dinner about 6 pm - and just as we walked out the door, it let loose. So we were all soaked when we got to the restaurant - but after some very good margaritas, I don't think anyone really cared. Had some good Mexican food, some fun conversation, and a nice evening out.

This morning I had French class - we must be getting better because the 1 1/2 hours is just flying by. We were able to sit out on Nadine's deck - lovely. After class she dug up some of her plants for me - so I'm going to have fun this afternoon. I'm afraid my computer work will just have to wait another day!
The sun is trying to make a comeback - still partly cloudy today, but much better than the last few grey days. And the wind thankfully has calmed down too. Last weekend was very windy - a lot of downed trees and damaged docks and boat covers around the area. We just had a ton of dead branches fall to the ground, so very lucky.

These are more of the tulips by the lake - the fringed is Fancy Frills - and the white is Mt Tacoma - a double white. Both are very pretty - I like the double - almost looks like a peony bloom.

This is the bouquet effect by the lake - still one pink to open - but it is very pretty down there. I planted 3 separate groups with these tulips - so nice color.

These two photos were taken back in 2003 when we did my CD - we just can't seem to get great photos this year of the brunnera and the lungwort. We will keep trying - but I wanted to share what's blooming. I have brunnera everywhere - it's a nuisance in my garden - but I love both the teeny blue flowers (and I have white also) and the heartleaf foliage - very nice. Lungwort is one of my favorites - the foliage is awesome and I think the flowers are very sweet.
I have to head out and start planting - hope you have a nice day!


Laurie & Chris said...

Your tulip pictures are beautiful. I don't think we need a keg, but thanks for asking :-)

kris said...

I just wanted to offer it to you first - I'm guessing when we set it out, it will be a hot item! :)

Zoey said...

Those pinks are beautiful!

It's been raining here all day, which is fine, because we almost always can use a good rain.

kris said...

We finally got some hot and sunny today - but 1 inch of rain Mon & Tues - that's always welcome! (Maybe you're getting the weather we just had?? If so, really nice days on the way!)