Thursday, May 10, 2007

the lakeside tulips

Yes, I know three posts in one morning/early afternoon is excessive - but I think you'll agree these deserve their own post. I am LOVING this group of tulips!!!This is "Carnival de Nice" - I told Zoey in the comment section recently that it wasn't a double tulip. Well, my bad! It obviously is - I am amazed at how gorgeous this is.

This one just opened this morning - "Sorbet" - really pretty too.

This one - "Fancy Frills" - I've put on previous posts - but thought this photo was pretty cool and so, here's Fancy Frills again.

This is "Mt. Tacoma" - very nice too - and works well with the group I think.

One more of Carnival de Nice - seriously I can't walk through the yard without oohing over this one - the neighbors (and husband and dogs) probably think I'm crazy.

And the bouquet - 3 groups like this in one area of the lakeside garden. I should be cutting them and bringing them in, but I can't stand not to see them in the garden. So next year I'll plant more - feel the same way - plant more ... Do you see my dilemma?


Lynne said...

Hi - I wandered over to your blog by way of Amy's Random Thoughts Scavenger Hunt. You've posted some beautiful flower pictures. I noticed on your May 5 blog that you celebrated your 37th anniversary Wednesday - would that be May 2? Cause that was my 37th anniversary too! I'll be back to check out your blog again!

Lynne said...

Oh, I just looked at your blogroll and saw one about Paris. I'll have to get my friend Tina ( to come over - her favorite place in the whole world is Paris!

kris said...

Hi Lynne - thanks for checking out the blog! And happy anniversary! I'll think of you every year now! Yes, Paris is one of my favorite places too - I'd be happy to share experiences with your friend. Please do stop in again.

Karen said...

Kris, thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a beautiful place and I LOVE the tulips (I just did a post about tulips). Your dogs are so cute. I will be back to look around some more -- I bookmarked your site. Yes, those boys sure pull at your heartstrings, don't they?

The Texas Connection said...

Hi there, BEAUTIFUL Tulips---sure hope there are still some there when we get up there, of course I find no fault with ROSES!!
Had a nice little shower of rain yesterday, could really use some more--Jack called tonight and they are just absolutely floating away.
The mighty Missouri is really on a rampage----they don't have any flooding right there, but he had to go to Omaha and had to take a couple of detours!!!!!!!!

kris said...

Thanks Karen - for stopping in and for the nice words about my tulips and dogs! I just read your tulip post - very sweet. I enjoyed visiting your blog and will be checking in again. It was nice to "meet" you!

Hi Mom - we've had some rain but nothing like they're getting down in Iowa/Nebraska, I guess!
I'm beginning to wonder about the tulips lasting that long - hot weather and I think I only have a couple kinds that aren't open now. BUT something will be blooming I'm sure! Noticed today that the tall bearded iris are starting to bud.