Saturday, May 19, 2007

shade lovers

Several years ago, a bird or ?? dropped some Jack-in-the-Pulpit seeds in my garden by the river birch clump. They have been thriving and new ones seem to be added each year.
You can see three pulpits in this photo - and new small plants to the right. These lovelies always remind me of my Grandma's garden. I know she had ferns and hosta on the north side of their house. I don't know for certain if she had Jack-in-the-Pulpits in that garden, but I do know she thought they were cool and pointed them out to me either in her garden or in the woods. I'm so glad they found a home in my garden.

This is False Solomon's Seal. I love the fluffy white flowers, and in the fall it gets wonderful bright red berries. I have these and zillions of Solomon's Seal along one fence line. I love the way they sway gracefully and add height to the back of the border garden. The Solomon's Seal is just starting to form its cute little flowers - so maybe I'll be able to post a photo in a day or two.

Hosta is not my favorite garden plant - I like the bright colors and showy blooms of sun-loving perennials. But in Minnesota, hosta is a workhorse. I have it in all my shaded areas. I started out with a couple plants from my Grandma and have since added several jumbo-sized varieties. They are pretty cool. I thought I'd show you some of my favorites before the dogs totally destroy them. Apparently, running through the hosta is great fun - and the chipmunks love to hide under these big leaves, so that's another fun game.


Kitt said...

I used to find hostas boring, too, but there are so many varieties out there in different shades, from almost blue to blinding chartreuse, that if I had a really shady spot, I'd put in a lot.

Bleeding heart is also a nice shade-lover.

And I adore jack in the pulpit.

kris said...

You're right - hosta adds a lot of interest to a shady spot. I've come to like many shade-lovers over the years - but I still think thank goodness I have some sun and bright blooms!!