Friday, May 18, 2007

keeping busy

Okay, I'm beginning to see the problem with doing a garden blog. When you actually have time to blog, there is nothing happening in the garden - and when the garden is going full steam ahead, you are BUSY!

If the wind dies down a little tomorrow, I'll have to try and get more photos - but have False Solomon's Seal, Solomon's Seal, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, centaurea (above - mountain bluet), Johnson Blue geranium, false indigo, and a handful of other things blooming. The tall bearded iris is almost ready to pop open and the peony buds are showing color. Fun!

I have 2 gardens left to weed and mulch - and then I can start over again. I noticed on my little walk-around today that I have trees and weeds growing in the "done" gardens already.

Went and bought potting soil today - so there is hope that I'll get containers at least started sometime soon - not sure why that's so hard to get at this year.
Just finished "Obsession" by Karen Robards - I like her books - kind of lightweight, but good. I honestly didn't know the punchline on this one until I got there - love when that happens! It had a waiting list, so dropped it off today after I finished it and picked up 3 more. Perfect summer day for me: walk dogs and garden in the morning while it's cool, swim once the water warms up, and sit in the shade with a good book in the heat of the day - heaven!


Trailhead said...

Looking forward to the False Solomon's Seal. This was one of my favorites when I lived in the midwest, but I don't see it here.

kris said...

Hey - I thought you were in Montana without internet!! I have both the false and true Solomon's Seal - and I love them both. They look so stately swaying in the breeze - and the pretty flowers in the spring and then berries in the fall. My neighbor calls them a weed - her loss!!

Karen said...

A perfect day indeed! I just love your garden pictures. I wish I had a green thumb, but will enjoy your pictures instead!

kris said...

Thanks Karen - I think the more you play in the dirt, the greener your thumb becomes. When my kids were at home I was lucky to have time for a few hosta and some annuals!