Monday, May 14, 2007

weed, plant, mulch, weed, plant, mulch...

This is "Sorbet" - I showed it a few days ago when it had first opened - light pink and creamy white. Now it's stunning! I like it a lot. Okay, not quite as much as I LOVE "Carnival de Nice," but I think it's really pretty.
See how nicely it works with "Carnival de Nice"? These groups by the lake are totally cool. I done good!! (Ouch - just hurt myself - it's really not that easy to pat yourself on the back)

This little white daff is "Thalia" - I thought it would be cute with "Couleur Cardinal" - but the red is almost done and this is just starting - so not a great pairing.

A couple years ago, a neighbor gave me a clump of this columbine. It has spread everywhere, and I love it. It's so delicate looking.

This is my false indigo - just starting to open. I have never taken a good photo of it open, so I'm showing you this! I love this plant - the flowers are great, the leaf color throughout the summer is a great blue-green, the black seed pods are totally cool. Yup, one of my favorites.
Arb sale stuff is all in the ground now. Today I did dahlias and mini glads. Still need to get to containers - and have caladium and begonia root thingies too (are these all corms? tubers? whatever!) It's been really hot and really windy and no rain - so watered for the first time today. I need to get all the gardens weeded and mulched ASAP.
I was really hot when I finished up today, so was thinking seriously of going for my first swim this year - seriously, that is, until I put my feet in the water - still pretty cold in there!


The Texas Connection said...

Seems like things are really opening up in the 'gardens by the lake'-----We should be early enough to see some Blue Bells and Indian Paint Brush along the roads.

We are leaving in the morning, will take our time, easy days, that's the way we like to travel-- take time to SMELL THE ROSES!!!!!

As you can see (I don't want you to think I have CLOUT), BUT, I said we were leaving on the 15th, Dad said on the 20th-----guess what, tomorrow is almost the 15th!!

See you soon.

Zoey said...

Both of those tulips are gorgeous--double or not.

You sure made a haul at the plant sale. It's been too cold and rainy here to do anything outside. It's only 43 degress right now.

Guess I will just have to surf the net all night and enjoy the fruits of everybody elses labor.

kris said...

Hey Zoey - I'm glad you have a wholesome hobby to keep you busy on cold, rainy nights! :)
I have to get going on my containers - haven't even started yet - so you're ahead of me on that one!!