Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May Day

April is done, May has begun - why is time in such a hurry??
I'd like to savor this long-awaited-for season now that it's finally here!

This is one of the prettiest tulips yet this year - very rich rosy red color.My new yellow hyacinth - "Haarlem" - very pretty with the dark purply-blue of "Delft Blue" - but not quite as full or as scented. Still very nice though.

An old tulip on the lake side of the fence - only one ever comes up each year - but pretty stunning! This is what greeted me this morning - something is lopping the heads off my tulips and leaving them lay. What a bummer!
This is one of my new tulips - thinking it's "Fancy Frills."
I love the fringed tulips - so fun.
Another view of that tulip.
And some gorgeous pinks - "Barcelona" maybe? - by the porch.
Had French class this morning. Found out it's Labor Day - a national holiday in France - and also Nadine's birthday!
Joyeux Anniversaire, Nadine!!!
Susan and I were explaining to Nadine the old May Day customs we each grew up with and wondering why they aren't done anymore - at least neither of us knows anyone who does. When I was growing up, we would make May Day baskets every year - usually something very simple like colored paper cupcake liners with pipe cleaner handles. We'd fill them with small pieces of candy and maybe some hand picked violets. I grew up on a farm, so Mom would drive my brother and me around to our friends' farms - we'd run to the door - put the basket by the door - knock - and run as fast as we could back to the car. If we were "caught" we'd get a kiss from our friends. When we'd take baskets to our grandparents and to our parents' friends, I think we always ran pretty slowly knowing that we'd get a kiss and some sweet treat. I don't recall ever making May Day baskets with my sons - maybe because they were boys and not interested in pretty baskets and getting kissed - who knows. But thinking back on it, I wish it were still a custom on May Day - what a sweet and inexpensive way to say "I'm thinking of you".
This afternoon Nadine stopped over to see my blooms - and went home with a trunkful of plants - a small birthday gift from me. Her tulips this morning were beautiful. I just love gardening!


The Texas Connection said...

I love the FRINGE on the edge of the tulips----I love all the tulips and the beautiful colors they come in, but most of the old ones from when I was little were, red, pink or yellow----PINK is still my favorite.


Patti said...

HI! I can only remember going over to G'pa and G'ma's, but it was fun to have them chase us around the yard and it was always worth it to get caught - you are right!!!

Great flowers - our hillside is finally more than just a green "tint"!

Happy Anniversary!

kris said...

Hi - I'm being lazy today - not sure if I'll get a post together or not. Thanks for the anniversary wishes - Mark made it home about 11 this morning - so that was nice. We went to lunch and not sure what we'll do tonight.

Glad you're enjoying the flowers - it is so fun to have all this COLOR!

Kitt said...

Happy togetherness day to you. The frilly tulips are neat. I'll have to get some.

I remember leaving a May basket for the old lady in the big, scary, dark house next door (I don't remember ever seeing her, just an occasional twitch of the curtains, very Boo Radley). I was scared of her but felt sorry for her, too.

kris said...

Hey Kitt - thanks for the good wishes. You should definitely think about fringed tulips for your new gardens - I love the photo you have on your blog of the new house. I'm glad you left a May basket for your neighbor - I hope when I'm old(er!) kids will think of me as the neighborhood grandma or something nice - but you just never know what life is going to throw your way.