Thursday, May 24, 2007

a little break

Well, I have just had the most fun birthday - thanks to everyone who stopped by! I'm taking a break after a lovely dinner and before we settle in for a movie to check blogs, and wanted to share some of my blooms today. We finally had a break in the wind and rain late this afternoon, so I had a chance to get some photos.

This is another clematis in bloom. It's on the gazebo and is just loaded with buds. The clematis seem to like the weather we're having this year - tons of buds and so far nice big blooms.

These are the first of my Siberian iris to open - but it looks like they will probably all pop since we have had this lovely rain. I think these are very pretty.

This is Therese Bugnet. Several years ago I read several articles written by people extolling the virtues of Therese Bugnet: it will form a nice hedge, a "must have" rose, it has beautiful blooms, it has a strong and pleasant fragrance. So I bought one 3 years ago. I was pretty disappointed the first two years - hardly any blooms and the plant seemed to be really struggling.
Well, this is the year - it's gorgeous. It's covered in buds and the fragrance of the open blooms is truly wonderful. It will be fun to see how it does throughout the summer this year.


peter hoh said...

Kris, your Siberian iris looks beautiful. They are blooming a week ahead of mine.

I prefer the Siberians to the "normal" iris. I had to throw out all my bearded iris because of some grub that kept eating them.

Laurie & Chris said...

So glad you had a nice birthday! Your flowers look really nice I will have to see about that rose it would look nice in my rose garden.

kris said...

Thanks Peter - I like the Siberians too. So far I've been lucky with the bearded - knock on wood!

I think we must have a little micro-climate thing going here - probably affected by the lake. Everything seems VERY early to me this year.

Thanks Laurie & Chris - I'll keep you posted this summer on T. Bugnet - but I am thinking it has some great potential - and it is beautiful!