Saturday, May 19, 2007

sun lovers

The tall bearded iris are blooming. This white one is one of my favorites - it has the sweetest scent.
I think the yellow ones are very pretty also. The purples aren't far behind.
Wild geranium again.

Another geranium - Johnson Blue. These get a little more leggy than the pinky wild geranium (which just seem to form big clumps), but I love the color.

A close up of mountain bluet - centaurea. These are the coolest blooms!

Chives are blooming nicely. My French teacher told me she takes the flowers and sprinkles them on salads - they have a wonderful oniony flavor. I had never done that before, but she's right - they're yummy!

False indigo - I love this bushy plant.

And this is probably the last shot of my tulips for this year - they are fading fast! This is "Sorbet" again - I really like the coloring of this one.


Laurie & Chris said...

Wow ! you have a lot blooming. They look great.

Lynne said...

You have so many beautiful flowers. I need to get some begonias tomorrow to plant in my little space out front.

kris said...

Thank you to both of you. I love going out every morning and seeing what's in bloom. This year everything seems to be in hyper-drive!

Zoey said...

How sad--the last tulip blooms of the year....don't you just hate to see them go?

We will have to wait for 11 long months to see them again.

I really like the sorbet coloring, too.

kris said...

I am very sad to see the tulips end! Everything blooms in too short a time for how long we have to wait for it. But I guess on to iris and peonies and roses and...

Your tulips are lovely - and it's very fun to have the season extended through the magic of blogland!