Saturday, May 5, 2007

catching up

I've been a slug!! Wednesday was our anniversary - 37 years (OMG) - and I guess I haven't recovered yet. Actually, just busy with different things - not a lot of new photos from the garden - etc.

We had a very nice anniversary. Mark had to go to Chicago to meet the new boss Monday and was back home about 11 am Wednesday, so we did a late lunch - very nice. Then late afternoon/evening we ran some errands and had a light dinner. So, pretty quiet - but a very nice day.

Last Sunday, the flippers two houses down invited us over. I think they invited other neighbors and friends of theirs, but when we were there it was just us. They're fun and we had a good time. Lynn made fondue - hadn't had that in a zillion years. Yummy cheese fondue with bread cubes and stuffed pasta, and a decadent chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries and chunks of angel food cake. Very good!

Earlier on Sunday another couple who lives on our street came down for awhile - we had helped take care of their sweet little dog while they were out of town. Just a nice hour or so of chatting - catching up - thinking we really need to make more time for relaxed visiting.

Yesterday I went to visit my sister who was babysitting her 5 1/2 month old granddaughter. Had 2 wonderful hours of baby time. She is adorable - all smiles - and now she's "talking" a lot - too cute.
In a couple hours we're meeting Kyle and Leah for lunch - I've only met Leah once before, so really looking forward to getting to know her better.
So that catches you up pretty much on "life with Kris"! We actually had about 2/10 inch of rain yesterday - could use quite a bit more. It's grey and really windy out today - so not great for photo taking. The dwarf iris in the first photo are heavenly - they smell wonderful. I checked my soil temps Thursday - 65 to 70 in most of the gardens! - so if the wind dies down, I can start putting on mulch (after removing the zillions of tree seedlings that are growing very nicely).

We've watched a couple movies this last week - Night at the Museum and The Queen. Both were pretty good - we enjoyed them.
I've read a couple books - The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton was really good - I've read 3 of her books and they are all very well-written.
Also The Quilter's Homecoming - by Jennifer Chiaverini. I can't decide if I really like her books or not. I've read them all, and I think how cool it would be to know how to quilt, and I like her stories - but there is something about her writing that bugs me - not sure what, just me, I'd guess!
I just started one by William Kent Krueger - I'll let you know what I think - so far it's looking pretty good.


Laurie & Chris said...

Happy Anniversary!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day!! Your flower photos are great.

The Texas Connection said...

Hi There, Being a little cloudy isn't ALL bad----makes the colors on the tulips really vibrant.

I thought about you and Mary all day yesterday, playing with the baby and getting her so spoiled!!
Can't wait to get my hands on her.

A few off & on clouds here today, really windy, when I walked this morning about 6:30, it was really blowing, and we need it....keeps the pesky knats away.

Do you think there will be any tulips when I get there??

kris said...

Hi Laurie - thanks! I'm really enjoying your blog. The photos of you and Chris when you were younger were adorable!

Hi Mom - the sweet baby girl told me she couldn't wait to meet her great grandma and grandpa - so get up here soon!!! The late tulips aren't open yet, so it's possible there will still be blooms. We need for this wind to die down though.

Zoey said...

Happy Anniversary, Kris! I am glad you had such a nice day.

I think it's wonderful to have such friendly neighbors. People don't do that enough anymore.

I've read all of J.C.'s books, too. Except for that one.

I am planning to get it from the library this summer. I find them a good easy read.

Of course, I quilt, so that makes them more enjoyable. I especially enjoyed that one about the runaway slaves using the quilts hanging on the line as symbols.

I hope it's nice outside today so I can get a little garden work accomplished. Your iris is lovely. Mine are all weeks away from blooming. It must be a lot warmer in your part of zone 5! (you are in zone 5, aren't you?)

kris said...

Hi Zoey - I tried to answer you this morning - and was bloggered by my own blog!!

Thanks for the annv wishes.

I do enjoy J.C.'s stories - the history is interesting.

We're actually zone 4 - which is because our winters can be colder and longer, I'm sure. But this year we've had some warm weather, and all the spring flowers are just racing thru their bloom times! The iris were the dwarf bearded - my tall bearded are still about a month from blooming too.

I have enjoyed seeing all the photos as things bloom at different times around the country.

Trailhead said...

Happy anniversary!

I just started quilting this winter. My mother-in-law got me into it. I just finished my first quilt top and I'm working on another. I may have to check out this book.

kris said...

She's written a series - Elm Creek Quilts. They're good stories and there is a lot of quilting. Every time I read one, I think I'd like to start quilting. Post a photo of your quilt top - I'd love to see it!

Zoey said...

Zone 4? That surprises me!

kris said...

Come for the winter - you'll be a believer!! LOL! I wouldn't be surprised tho if we have hotter summers than you do - Minnesota is into extremes.