Monday, May 7, 2007

More May blooms

Isn't this gorgeous? I can't wait until it opens all the way - IF we ever get a sunny day maybe that will happen. This is one of my new ones "Carnival de Nice" from the Keukenhof orders. I have groups of 4 different late blooming tulips down by the lake - and 3 of the tulips are opening - a fringed pink "Fancy Frills", a pure white ("Tacoma" I think), and this one. The 4th one is also pink if I remember right.
Here are two views of some white tulips in the river birch garden. It's disappointing that so many tulips aren't blooming - because of rabbits and the late cold snap - but the ones that did produce are very pretty.

I need to dig out my crib sheets and figure out what the names are for all of these - can't believe how lazy I am this spring!

I was having trouble getting photos of my small spring bloomers - so Mark hauled out the big guns this afternoon and took these three for me. The first two are of Jacob's Ladder - one of my favorite spring bloomers.

And this is a wild geranium that I have all over my garden - it blooms anywhere. When they're in full bloom, they're a mound of purple-y pink blooms - I just love them!

When you step out the door on the street side, you are greeted with the sweet smell of blooming lilacs - wonderful! Both of our neighbors have the old fashioned lilac bushes on our fence line. One is by the street, and one down by the lake - so we get to enjoy wherever we are in the yard! I remember the lilac bushes we had on the farm - one on either side of the path that went out to the mailbox. They are a happy childhood memory.


Laurie & Chris said...

I love the tulip!! You really got some great shots. I have been trying to take photos of my forget me nots and have been having one heck of a time. I will have to see if Chris can get a good shot for me:)

kris said...

Hi - do you have real forget me nots? I tried to grow them last year, but they didn't come back. I have false forget me nots - brunnera. I love the tiny blooms - but, seriously, impossible to get a good photo of them!! Mark tried those today too - but just a slight breeze and the photos were all blurred.

Zoey said...

That first one is a beauty. Is it the same one in your post from Tuesday? (The grouping by lake photo)

kris said...

Yup - I am totally in love with it! I tried to get an above photo yesterday, but didn't get a good one - it's not a double, but so full it looks sort of like a single (Japanese or anemone)peony bloom - very pretty.

Kitt said...

Hmm, I've got something like forget-me-nots in bloom, too, but I'm not sure. I'll post a photo.

You've totally caught up to us here with your warm spell, I think. Our lilacs are blooming at the same time! Those pink tulips look yummy.

kris said...

Our gardens are just popping! I can't believe we've caught up to you - and now I'm wondering if I'll have anything blooming for the last half of the summer! ;)